Our highly automated applicant tracking system (ATS)
provides comprehensive analysis and data, addressing the challenges
that employers face when recruiting new talent.
We integrate AI and psychological analysis into our recruitment assessment suite (RAS),
defining every individual’s abilities and creating a new era of HR tech.

Our Platform客製化產品


Applicant Tracking System

We also offer comprehensive followup and assistance services after employee onboarding. The follow-up services improve the experience for the employee and the employer, creating a positive corporate image.


Game-Based Assessments / Insula

Game-based assessments for candidates:
Our pre-selection mechanism saves
time and money for enterprises.
Furthermore, our enjoyable game-based assessments
help uncover candidates’ potential
while also improving their impressions
towards your company.

Curious as to how our games help optimize your recruitment process?Contact us to learn more.


Video-Based Assessment / Vozaim

While our game-based assessments test for
crucial competencies, our video-based assessment further
identifies subliminal traits and interpersonal skills.
Analyzing data from semantics and acoustics,
the video-based assessment provides a comprehensive
overview of a person’s traits and behavioral tendencies.


Candidate Reports

The results from our assessments are
consolidated into an individualized report,
showing the comparative advantage of each candidate.
This allows us to define the unique characteristics
and professional requirements of every job,
and help us precisely match ideal candidates to their dream jobs.