Brand Concept 品牌理念

Here at Talfin, we are committed to pairing the best enterprises with the most exceptional talent.
Our dedication to finding the perfect match for employers and employees is illustrated by our brand name “Talfin”,
which comes from the words “finding your talent”.
We are more than an HR firm; we leverage HR tech to integrate different cultures,
gather elite workers, and help all parties work towards a common goal.
At Talfin, we ensure every employee will find their place to shine!

Organizational Structure 組織架構

  • Tech Team : 
    Exploring new possibilities by developing HR technology.
  • Business Team : 
    Finding new fields for expansion with unique perspectives on the target market.
  • Analytics Team : 
    Identifying the qualities of every unique individual through behavioral science and psychological analysis.
  • Recruitment Team : 
    Uncovering the best and most suitable employees.
  • We create an All-Star team to shine for you!

Our Mission 我們的使命

“Discover hidden gems!”

Our Vision 我們的願景

“To help people uncover, grow, and hone their skills by visualizing individual competencies.”

Core Values 核心價值