A Message From Our Founder 創辦人的話

[For Employers]
“People are happiest when they are improving and doing the things that suit them naturally and help them flourish. Acknowledging your people’s weaknesses is just as valuable (for both) as is learning their strengths.”

A Message From Our CEO 執行長的話

“I believe every human deserves a chance to learn, play, grow, and discover new opportunities. I hope this website can inspire you, too, on your path to success and happiness. Enjoy the experience and feel free to drop me a line.”

A Message From Our Founder 創辦人的話

[For Jobseekers]
“To be exceptionally outstanding you have to push your limits, you might fall and go through a painful journey and will think you have failed—but that won’t be true unless you give up.”

Brand Concept 品牌理念

″優聘″ 擇。優。任。聘,我們專注於優質企業雇主與業界專才的媒合;品牌譯名選定 ″Talfin″,更賦予我們自己 ″Find Your Talents″ 的經營責任。
從純粹的HR,淬鍊至優聘使命感堅定的HR Tech, 融合各方文化,集結跨界科技菁英,打造共同目標:發掘人才的無限可能。

Organizational Structure 組織架構

  • 技術團隊 : 
  • 商務團隊 : 
  • 分析團隊 : 
  • 招聘團隊 : 
  • We create an All-Star team to shine for you!

Our Mission 我們的使命

“Discover hidden gems!”

Our Vision 我們的願景

“To help people uncover, grow, and hone their skills by visualizing individual competencies.”

Core Values 核心價值